Lumina AI was founded in 2015 in Tampa, Florida by Dr. Morten Middelfart and Allan Martin as a specialty artificial intelligence company.

Several of Lumina’s early products concerned physical security, such as NetInt, big data search tool, Radiance, and the crowdsourced See Something Say Something mobile application, or Lumina S4. 

In 2021, Lumina achieved a major breakthrough in machine learning  technology with the invention of Random Contrast Learning (LuminaRCL™).

Who we are.

Throughout its history, Lumina has sought to apply its innovative technology as a force for good. Lumina is committed as a company to honesty, integrity, and excellence.

Through its development of LuminaRCL™ as an alternative to deep learning, Lumina is contributing to the democratization of machine learning. With democratization come both new opportunities and new risks.

Lumina does not control the applications for which users employ LuminaRCL™ but will continue to model for them excellence in conduct, to monitor industry standards and developments, and to urge users to handle data responsibly and to employ machine learning for the good of all.

Lumina AI Leadership Team

Allan Martin

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Morten Middelfart

Chief Data Scientist &  Co-Founder

Douglas Licker

SVP, General Counsel & Co-Founder

Jackie Baker

EVP, Finance & Accounting

Fadi Farhat

SVP, Operations

Richard Langley

VP, Infrastructure & Technology

Daniella Diaz 

VP, Revenue & Marketing

Lumina AI Board & Advisors

Rob Spring

Vice Chairman of the Board

Jim Smith

Board Member

Kathleen Shanahan

Board Member

Ed Ingle

Board Member 

Jeb Bush, Jr. 

Board Member

The Honorable Governor Jeb Bush

Board Advisor

Andrew Krusen

Board Advisor

Dr. Kathleen Kiernan

Board Advisor

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