A new paradigm of machine learning.

Train models faster, with less data, on CPU.

Faster Training.

For most applications, RCL outpaces neural networks by orders of magnitude in training and inference.

Superior Results.

For every application thus far, RCL has outperformed state of the art. 

Lower Costs.

RCL trains on CPU, instead of specialized hardware (GPU, TPU, NPU), and requires less compute.

Randomness as a filter.

RCL makes signal strength a user-adjustable parameter.

Less data needed.

RCL’s filter illuminates patterns as soon as they become useful. 

Wide application.

RCL can be applied to data of all kinds. RCLC is just the beginning. 

Random Contrast Learning (RCL) is a new style of machine learning invented in 2022 by Dr. Morten Middelfart, Sam Martin, and Ben Martin, who drew upon: 

  • 7 years of development by Lumina; 
  • 40 years of pioneering work in the use of randomness in computer science; and 
  • Engagement with the philosophical tradition of phenomenology.

Train. Test. Repeat.

Time, cost of compute, and cost of specialized hardware often prohibit the iterated training of neural networks. The speed and accessibility of RCL make experimentation and rapid refinement possible. 

Iterate without limitations.


Let’s build the future together.