Become a Lumina AI Consultant

Looking to jumpstart your career in AI?

Become a consultant for Lumina AI’s Random Contrast Learning (LuminaRCL) that specializes in classification. Utilize PrismRCL to train models for clients, run inference, and built a business in the growing field of AI. 

Requirements to be Considered

Lumina is looking to provide a lucrative way for AI Developers to build their own businesses.


  • Strong understanding of Classification AI. As a Lumina AI consultant, we expect you to understand what it means to solve classificiation problems in AI. No matter the data type, it is important to understand how classification works, and how to utilize PrismRCL to solve these problems.
  • Proficiency in Python. PrismRCL is a tool built by AI developers, for AI developers. If you are proficient in Python, you will be successful utilizing PrismRCL.
  • A network of developer peers. As Lumina grows, we intend that you will grow with us. Share your results, refer your network, and grow your entrepreneurial interests with Lumina AI as the backbone. 
  • An active PrismRCL Subscription. As a Developer Consultant, we want you to be as excited and knowledgable about our products, and the insights they produce, as we are. Becoming proficient with PrismRCL is key to your success.

Becoming a Developer Consultant with Lumina AI is a straight forward process. If you feel you meet our requirements, here are your anticipated next steps for consideration: 

1. Fill out our interest form. It is important for us to have the best talent representing Lumina AI, as an extension of our team. Filling out this form allows us to perform an initial vet of our candidates. 

2. Join us for a virtual interview. Meet with member(s) of the Lumina team to better understand our technology and use cases. Ask us questions to better understand the opportunity we are providing. 

3. Selection. Based on your interview, and review of your application, we will communicate next steps directly. 

4. Getting Started. We will provide you with everything you need to get started with PrismRCL, and provide assistance as you need it. Consider yourself a part of our team! 


Use Case Example

In recent testing, LuminaRCL‘s classification algorithm was nearly perfect in its identification of malignant and benign tissue in the identification of breast cancer in biopsy images.

Recent Work

Lumina has applied Random Contrast Learning to classify benign and malignant tissues in breast cancer biopsy images, lymph node biopsy images, and brain cancer MRI images.

Build Your own business with Lumina AI

Apply to become a Lumina AI Developer Consultant today.

Fill out our interest form as your first step in getting started with Lumina AI. A member of the Lumina Team will reach out within 48 hours regarding next steps.

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