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Prism RCL™

The PrismRCL™ download package comes complete with a comprehensive Get Started Guide and detailed Technical Documentation, ensuring a seamless and effortless introduction to our ML product.

To reference the “Get Started Guide” click here. 

To reference the “Technical Documentation” click here.

System Requirements

PrismRCL™ runs on Microsoft Windows. Please note that PrismRCL™ is intended as a developer tool that you can build applications and scripts on top of. Although a native Windows application, it is designed to be run from the command line as shown in the included examples. It does not have an interactive user interface. All logs and outputs are directed to text files on the file system and are fully configurable by the user. This makes it easy to run PrismRCL™ in batch mode and allows for automation and the ability to run machine learning tasks unattended. All Windows versions are supported. Choose the version that best fits your needs.

When choosing your operating system, please consider the following:

PrismRCL™ Windows OS Requirement  Supported Operating Systems
OS (Desktop)
  • Windows 10 Home and Pro Editions (Support up to 128 GB of RAM)
  • Windows 10 Enterprise and Education Editions (Support up to 2TB of RAM)
  • Windows 11 Home and Pro Editions (Support up to 128GB of RAM)
OS (Server)
  • Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022 (Support up to 24TB of RAM)
PrismRCL™  Recommended Hardware Specifications
  • Latest generation i5, i7, or i9 INTEL CPU
  • Latest generation Athlon or Ryzen AMD CPU 
  • 64GB of DDR5 RAM (Max supported with desktop class INTEL or AMD CPUs is 128GB)
  • 512GB of fast NVMe storage
  • Latest Xeon Silver, Gold, or Platinum INTEL CPU 
  • Latest EPYC AMD CPU
  • 256GB of DDR5 RAM (Max supported with server class INTEL or AMD CPUs is 4096 GB)
  • 1TB of fast NVMe storage


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