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Random Contrast Learning


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Lumina AI was founded in 2015 as a boutique Artificial Intelligence (AI) firm. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, we are advancing AI and Machine Learning (ML) by introducing CPU-based solutions for model training.

We are proud to have been honored for our work in accelerating AI adoption.

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Lumina RCL Mastery of Tabular Data: Outperforming Conventional Models in Stability and Accuracy

ABSTRACT Abstract— In collaboration with Lumina AI, this research discusses the effectiveness of Random Contrast Learning (Lumina RCL) on a variety ...
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Lumina AI Announces the Addition of Ed Ingle to its Board of Directors

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Our products

Introducing PrismRCL™

Bring the power of Random Contrast Learning to your CPU-based Windows machines with PrismRCL™. With all of the benefits of LuminaRCL,™ utilize a simple command line interface to train, iterate and run inference against your models from your own Windows hardware.

Try it free for 30-days  and experience the future of machine learning for CPU.

Introducing the LuminaRCL™ API

RCLC is a version of Random Contrast Learning built for binary classification of PNG images and text data.

Utilize the LuminaRCL™ API to upload data, train your models, and combine disparately trained models in a single inference.


Important PrismRCL Update: Model Compatibility and Dual Version Support - Retain your existing models and explore 2.4.x features! Learn more about your options.